Cuppa Mug | Bright Blue Cuppa Mug

Cuppa Mug | Bright Blue Cuppa Mug

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Bright Blue Cuppa Mug- Single


350ml capacity coffee mug

Rectangular handle for better grip

Handle offers support of other Cuppa mug making carrying 2 or even 3 full mugs in one hand easier than other style mugs with curved handles. 

Retro styling and bright colour range makes for a fresh fashionable feel. 

Ceramic mug with thick outer rim keeps your coffee or tea warmer for longer. 

Weighted for a comfortable homely warming feel

Hard-wearing mug ideal for everyday use for any coffee or tea drinker at home, work from home or at the office.


We use plain cardboard boxes and eco friendly paper (not plastic) parcel tape for safe and sustainable delivery of our products. All the packaging is biodegradable and can be recycled or composted for your garden.