Meet Nick.


I'm Nick and I created Cuppa. I wanted to make a brand of products that are simple, minimal in design and style. I like to keep things simple and wanted my products to reflect that. 

Being a heavy consumer of coffee and tea at home and having a mother who likes buying and collecting mugs and other kitchenware, I did not look far for product ideas.

I value good quality products that are sustainable. I don't like waste and generally try my best to consume less. I like to buy better quality products that last longer and keep, repair and renew what I do buy. 

There are so many problems linked to our overconsumption of the world resources and burning of fossil fuels, there seem to be more and more climate change linked disasters and events every year. I want to do my bit. Using plain packaging that is recyclable and biodegradable is a small start. Using as little plastic as possible. We are already using eco-friendly parcel tape. Just need to find a replacement for bubble wrap.

A bit more about me. I've always wanted to have my own business. I was the kid at school selling soft drink and sweets to my friends. I then set up an amazon shop as still just a teenager, making a quick fortune (for a teenager) and just as quickly, got my account closed. Chose business as a subject to pursue.

I went on to worked in a top retailer before deciding to go to University and study International Business. This didn't get me very far and I ended back in retail at another large chain. And here we are today. A lot of work, a few mistakes and lots of learning, and Cuppa was born. 

I hope you like my first product, the Cuppa mug.